Pwysig – Parcio Iechyd a Diogelwch / Important – Parking Health and Safety

Mae wedi dod i sylw’r staff fod achosion o barcio afresymol wedi bod ar gynnydd yn ystod y tymor- a hyn yn benodol yn y man gollwng, a maes parcio staff yr ysgol sy’n cael ei ddefnyddio yn y boreau wrth i rieni gollwng plant ar gyfer Clwb Llawen y Llys neu’r Cylch Meithrin. 

Gweler isod canllawiau newydd sy’n weithredol o 25/11/22 ymlaen. Diolch yn fawr am eich cydweithrediad.

We have noticed this term an increase in issues relating to parking in both the school drop off point and also in relation 

to staff car park at Ysgol y Llys. This generally involves inconsiderate parking by users, which could in fact lead to potential health and safety incidents.

I kindly ask that all parents, who use the drop off bays, park in designated bays and avoid parking either on double yellow lines directly outside main school gates. If bays in drop off point are full, please do not park directly behind, as it can lead to blocking off entrance, culminating in backlog onto Princes Avenue. This could lead to road traffic accidents and potentially injuries to pupils, families, pedestrians. 

Staff are also concerned about the nature of parking when parents are dropping off pupils for both Cylch Meithrin and Clwb Llawen y Llys in the mornings. We appreciate parents often need to drop off quickly to continue journeys to work, but this is causing parking issues for staff who arrive in the mornings. We have witnessed cars simply stopping in the middle of the car park, sometimes leaving engines running etc. 

As Clwb Llawen y Llys opens in the mornings at 7.50am, parents will be permitted to drop off on site and use staff car park up until 8am.

We ask parents who drop off for Clwb and Cylch after 8am to use the main school drop off point, and not the staff car park. 

You will then be required to walk the pupils up the short distance of the drive to either Clwb/Cylch. 

In wet weather, please remember to bring waterproof coats, umbrellas etc.  The only exception will be those who are registered blue badge holders, they will be able to use the staff car park and use the designated disabled parking bay. (Mornings up until 8.40am).

 Please adhere to these arrangements as staff  have been instructed to monitor and make enquiries with vehicles who arrive on site

Parents will be able to drive up to pick up as normal from Clwb as the facility is open daily up until 5.45pm. 

Many thanks for your anticipated support.