Y Gymdeithas Rieni ac Athrawon
Parent Teacher Association


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Ysgol y Llys PTA

The PTA brings together parents, teachers and others to raise money, to support the school and make a difference for the children. It provides an opportunity for everyone to work together towards making Ysgol y Llys a great place for all children and is open to all parents and teachers even if you only have a small amount of time available to get involved.

The current PTA relies on volunteers to help run events and always need more help even if only occasionally. You don’t need to come to every meeting perhaps you could volunteer in other ways such as sharing your talents, skills or contacts. Everyone can make a big difference. Either come to a meeting or leave your details at the reception in the school where the PTA has a post box.

Events that have been held include:-

  • Summer/Christmas fair
  • Fashion Shows
  • Themed Discos
  • Film nights
  • Bingo nights
  • Sponsored walks
  • Sports day refreshment stalls

We are always looking for new and exciting ideas, if you have one please let us know.

It is through the generosity and support of parents and staff that the following items have been bought:-

  • Rugby kits
  • New aprons
  • Talking books
  • Reading books
  • Outside equipment
  • Garden club supplies
  • Sound systems
  • CD players
  • Digital camera’s