Cychwyn Pwyllgor Cymraeg i Prestatyn / Starting a Welsh Committee for Prestatyn

Mewn sgyrsiau diweddar gyda Menter Iaith Dinbych, mae teimlad unfrydol bod angen ni hyrwyddo a marchnata mwy o weithgareddau Cyfrwng Cymraeg i blant, pobol ifanc ac oedolion yma yn Nhref Prestatyn. Rydym yn awyddus iawn i ganfod barn a syniadau rieni ac i’r perwyl yma yn awyddus i greu fforwm/pwyllgor lleol. Diben hyn fyddai i drefnu rhaglen o weithgareddau cyfrwng Cymraeg yma yn ardal Prestatyn.

Mae’r atodiad yn rhannu’r weledigaeth yma. Felly os oes unrhyw rhiant yn awyddus i fod yn rhan o bwyllgor cyffrous fel hyn, gadwch i ni wybod. Cewch ymateb yn syth i’r ysgol neu gysylltu efo Eryl Menter Iaith (Manylion yn yr atodiad).

In conjunction with Menter Iaith Dinbych, as a school we are very keen to establish a committee of parents, staff, local community members,  who would like to meet socially and outside school to help arrange and co-ordinate Welsh language activities in Prestatyn and the local area. 

Activities could range for  music gigs, comedy evenings etc and give our youngsters a platform to enjoy the Welsh language outside the school grounds. Activities could be arranged for different ages and abilities of Welsh speakers, and be held in various locations in Prestatyn. 

To steer this, we would like to invite parents who are interested to volunteer to be in a working party- offering ideas and opinions on how we can develop this idea- from a small acorn a great oak tree can grow!

It is likely that a formative meeting will be arranged for sometime in September. At this point, we would just like to canvass parents. If you would be free to support this exciting initiative, you may pass your details to school or contact Eryl, Menter Iaith (further details in attachment). 

If expressing support, you are not committing yourself, rather than helping us as a school identify potential volunteers to help promote the Welsh language outside of the school, and further into Prestatyn town.