School Prospectus Update

Bore da bawb / Good morning all,

We are in the process of upgrading our current School Prospectus/  Handbook, and in a slight change to previous years incarnation, would like to include examples of case studies and views of parents. 

​We would appreciate any comments which you would consent to be included. 

Ideas may include the following:

1. Reasons you chose Ysgol y Llys for your child/children?
2. What is it which makes Ysgol y Llys the school it is?
3. What strengths do you think realate to the school? Including ethos, environment, teaching, caring nature, spirit of community, importance of bilingual school, voice of learners, voice of parents etc.

We will collate findings and include in the prosepctus. We ask that those who do reply, are happy for us to include their details such as name of parent etc. We hope to work with digital designers to revamp the Prospectus and also make it more digital friendly as we are conscious the power of social media. 

Essentially, for parents to choose Ysgol y Llys, often the important factor is word of mouth and discussing with other families. This is especially true when often the questions relate to supporting children in a bilingual setting. 

If you can spare the time to send comments to be included, we would be very grateful. 

I will also confirm with those beforehand if their details / comments will be included in the prospectus.
Many thanks for your anticipated support. Please feel free to email comments and prose to be considered to be included.

Diolch yn fawr,

Dyfan Phillips