Wythnos Lles / Wellbeing week – Feb 1-5

Mae’r staff yn awyddus iawn i gynnal wythnos gyda ffocws ar LES disgyblion wythnos nesa. I’r perwyl yma, bydd nifer o dasgau a dolenni yn annog ymarfer corff ac iechyd meddwl.
Annogwn plant a theuluoedd i ymgymryd a’r tasgau, ond unwaith eto, hoffwm pwysleisio mai gwirfoddol yw rhain– tasgau ymarferol gyda’r bwriad o leihau straen gyda’r pwyslais ar hwyl.

Bydd staff yn cysylltu a rieni drwy Class Dojo gyda amlinelliad o’r tasgau. Does dim bwriad achosi sdraen neu cymhlethdod gyda’r rhaglen yma- ychydig o hwyl a chyfle i ymlacio ar drothwy’r hanner tymor.

Gyda’r dydd yn ymestyn a gwanwyn ar ddyfod, efallai bydd mwy o gyfle i fynd a’r plant allan i fwynhau natur. Gall ormod o wersi sgrin hefyd fod yn niweidiol felly mae’n bwysig ein bod fel ysgol ac fel teuluoedd yn cadw’r balans cywir.

Daliwch i wenu bawb!

The staff here at Ysgol y Llys are very keen for us as a school to hold a ‘Wellbeing week’ next week. Rather than overloading with digital tasks the focus will be on  engaging children and families in well-being and physical tasks to complement a reduced number of literacy and numeracy based tasks.

The rationale is that first and foremost we want to ensure our pupils, and their families are happy, secure, and to ease any stress / anxiety levels which are natural during the winter months of the pandemic. Please remember that these tasks will be voluntary– please complete as much, or as little as which benefits your household. We are grateful for any responses and feedback.

Each class/Unit will share out various tasks/ideas and it is up to parents and families when to undertake the tasks during next week. Families are encouraged to share photos of nature walks, fitness activities etc. It is a known fact that endorphins released following physical exercise are known to be effective stress relief and can contribute to mental and emotional well being.

The idea is to have a focus on fun as a family and to ease the burden families sometimes experience by the pressures of combining work with the demands of home schooling.

I Iook forward to hearing from staff about the class activities- and in the spirit of co-operation, personally, I will be aiming to run a 10km trail next week to be part of the Wellbeing week! (Socially distanced of course and from my home!).

Should you have any enquiries, please contact your class teacher via Class Dojo.

Keep up the good work everyone and keep safe!