Diweddariad Clwb Brecwest am didm / Free Breakfast Club Update

Fel y gwyddoch, ail agorwyd Clwb Llawen y Llys wythnos diwethaf i gynnig gwasanaeth gofal i blant cyn ac ar ol amser ysgol. Fel rhan o’r broses ail agor, cwblhawyd asesiad risg manwl gan gynnwys cynyddu lefelau staffio er mwyn sicrhau fod plant yn cadw at eu dosbarthiadau blwyddyn (bybl). Rydyn yn parhau i fonitro hyn, gyda’r bwriad ymhen amser i ail agor y ddarpariaeth Brecwest am ddim.

As you are all aware, we re-opened Clwb Llawen y Llys last week to offer child care provision for families before and after school. This was following an extensive risk assessment. Ultimately, this has seen an increase in staffing levels at Clwb to ensure pupils are kept in their own contact year groups. Parental feedback has been positive in regards to re-opening the provision as it supports families with working commitments.

The Governing Body at Ysgol y Llys are fully aware of this and agree that we need to ensure the success of
re-opening Clwb before we look to re-opening the Free Breakfast Club.

The current free breakfast club model at Ysgol y Llys is under review to ensure risk management procedures are robust and more importantly, sustainable. Key considerations at present include;

* Staffing Capacity
* Arrangements to ensure contact groups are kept apart / resources.
* Arrangements where previously children were allowed to go on school yard.

It has been decided that we will monitor success of the re-opening of Clwb Llawen y Llys and any staffing implications before looking to re-open the Free Breakfast Club.

Whilst we fully appreciate the impact this delay has on some families, we cannot underestimate the importance of ensuring the provision keeps contact groups apart. Until we have the necessary staffing levels to ensure this, it would not be safe from a health and safety perspective to re-open at present. It could also potentially undermine school contact groups systems and lead to potential difficulties and challenges in relation to track, test and protect procedures.

We are continuously monitoring the situation, and when we are in a position to re-open the Free Breakfast Club, we will update parents as soon as possible.

Should any parent have any enquiries regarding this, they are to raise them with myself as head teacher.

As in interim measure, it must be emphasised that Clwb Llawen y Llys offers paid child care services before and afterschool. Enquiries to be made via Mrs Joyce Doyle, Ysgol y Llys.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding during these challenging times.