Can Sir Ddinbych / Song for Denbighshire V2

We are asking for video clips for our brand new take on George Ezra’s song ‘Shotgun’. ‘LOCKDOWN!’ has been recorded by members of Denbighshire Music Co-operative to mark the importance of staying safe throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We want everyone in the county to get involved in sending in a clip which will be included in a video.

We want to see you sing, dance, clap or just generally having fun and be a part of our exciting new pop video! This is open to families, workers, service personnel, headteachers and school staff, councillors, managers, NHS workers – absolutely anyone and everyone can get involved! We need to receive your clip by Friday 15th May to be included in the video. We have already had contributions from ages 10 to 100! Come on Denbighshire get involved!

Please find attached the full track and lyrics. Record your videos on your phone or tablet (please note some older devices are not supported) and then upload them here by following the instructions below:

IMPORTANT NOTE – All uploads must be conducted by an ‘assigned’ adult (an assigned adult being a recipient of this email), and as such you will be expected to fill out an online form to confirm that you have had the written consent of parents/guardians of any children taking part. To access the upload form you will need to log in with the following username and password:

Password: StaySafe2020

Please ensure that your videos are recorded in landscape format (put your device on its side). We will select short snippets of your videos to include in our final version. Please join in with the choruses if you so wish, dance around the house, office or even the garden! Try and join in for the duration of the whole song even if its just clapping along! – this will help us tremendously in the final edit. Please give a big cheer and a wave at the end! If you are in a school, office or other setting please include in your video a banner with the name of your school, Place or work or business on and please consider social distancing rules.

SO COME ON – Party along with our fabulous Make Some Noise band and lets make a great video!