Asesiadau Personol Llythrennedd a Rhifedd / Personalised Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Update

As you are aware, schools across Wales use personalised assessments in Literacy and Numeracy to track pupil progress. (Specifically for pupils in Years 2,3,4,5,6.)

Previously referred to as National Tests, the personal assessments are optional assessments for schools to use to identify pupil progress in Welsh and English reading and in Numeracy and Reasoning. 

As has happened previously, parents can access individual progress reports via individual pupil HWB accounts. 

To do this, you will be required to follow the following steps:​

1. Sign in to your child’s account

2. On the home screen click on personalised assessments
3. Then in the tabs at the top click learner feedback.
4. Scroll down to ” Your Progress 
Included also in the Hwb dashboard is a PDF instruction guide on the tests and a synopsis to findings. 
Also attached is a information guide on the tests and a link to follow to understanding the analysis process.